Monday, August 29, 2016

Fab 40's being the Bomb in Bomber Jackets

Here we are my favorite time of the month when I get to collaborate with the " Fab 40's " a group of fly and fashionable international bloggers and seven different interpretations of a particular theme every month . 

Well this month the theme happens to be " Bomber Jackets" . I remember back in the day wanting a bomber jacket I had to be like 15 or 16 and I don't think I ever got one.  I mean my Mom was a single mother to 4 kids so a bomber jacket for me was not her top priority . Well I made up for it with this gorgeous jacket that I picked up at clearance last year from +H&M . Oh how I love the clearance rack at that store I seem to always find something I love there. 

I decided to take this look to the cooler fall months which just so happen to be my favorite times of the year.  Could it be because it's Pumpkin Spice season or maybe because my birthday is in October ? This quilted jacket with shades of navy coral and a rust color just seem to marry so well with this navy midi skirt . I thought I would bring out my Target platform sandals that I scored for $8 to complete this look. I felt like it added a little element of fun all while remaining classy. 

Jacket - H&M(options), Skirt -(sim), Shoes (sim), Bag - (sim options)

Now lets see the other Fab 40's and their take on this trend! 

Grace - Color and Grace

I am so happy to welcome our guest blogger Grace to the " Fab 40's" . I have been a long time admirer of Grace and her gorgeous style. She is girl that embraces color and looks so chic and put together at all times. I love the this jacket and the way she styled it is just amazing with the leather looking skirt and those shoes are so on trend . Love this look.

Samantha - Fake Fabulous

I just love this jacket that Samantha has on and the way she styled casually cute and kept it simple is just darling.  I so admire the way she knows how to perfectly style all colors and patterns and loving those glasses girl . She looks amazing as always 

                                           Sheela - Sheela Writes

What I love about Sheela is that she always brings it and this month is no exception. I am loving the colorful and bold pattern  and those red shoes are to die for... Every month she continues to surprise me with the shoe selection ! Great Look 

                                                      Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

This bomber jacket is beyond beautiful I love how Jennie took a simple shift dress and added this gorgeous jacket to give it a completely different look.  She added a little extra to a basic dress to create a versitle  look that says she is ready for everything. 

Ann - Kremb Da La Kremb

I always look forward to seeing Ann's look I think she has an artistic flair and puts together combos that I would have never thought of . Anne kept it casually cute with  this look she look comfortable but still like a fashionista . She pays attention to details when it comes to her look . 

                                         Veronica - The Cid Style File

Olive green is just one of my favorite colors in every season and this bomber is just perfection for those cooler months.   I love the way that Veronica kept it sassy from the bag to shoes.   I would call this look "Street Chic " 

                                     Diane - Fashion on the Forth Floor

Last but certainly not least is the beautiful Diane . I am always in anticipation when it comes to Diane's style. She always looks perfect the with the pairing of feminine and tomboy chic and does it wonderfully. I love the soft pink skirt paired with the jacket and then top it off with those kicks... Loves it ! 

So there you have it another month with these fabulous ladies in the books! What fun and I certainly can't wait until next month ! 

Thank you for stopping by my Fab Friends 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

You Go Girl Project - Meet Sarah

I can hardly believe that we are in month 8 of the You Go Girl project.  All I can say is time really flies when you are having fun and this amazing journey has been filled with a lot of  fun but it also has educated us , made us cry and most importantly inspired us to want reach even more women. 

In case this is the first time visiting my page or hearing about the You Go Girl Project.  About a year ago a local photographer Casey Brothers of Le Petite Studios  and I got together and discovered that we both had passion for empowering women and wanted them to feel beautiful despite the obstacles or circumstances they face . So we came up the idea of awarding local Fort Wayne women with a day of glamour that included a new wardrobe, style session , hair and makeup ,  a day at the spa and professional photo shoot. We not only wanted them to feel beautiful but we wanted to raise awareness for their issues and perhaps inspire another woman and let them know they are not alone.  We are were so fortunate that Women's Health Advantage one of the largest providers of Women's health care in Northeast Indiana believed in this vison and signed on to be our main sponsor.  We also had so many local businesses that support this project and make it possible we are so thankful . 

                              All clothing donated by Clothes Mentor Fort Wayne                      
Sarah Creason is an amazing woman that has battled cancer 5 times since the age of 28.  After getting treatment Melanoma and later for breast cancer in both breast she discovered she had Lymphedema which resulted in her losing her hand and four months ago her arm. Despite these obstacles Sarah's positive attitude and giving heart is amazing and is such an inspiration to anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her.   Sarah is a celebrated artist and uses her talents to give back to other people that are going through life's hardships . She donates her time twice a week at Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana by teaching journaling and also art.   We just love Sarah's positive outlook on life and her wanting to pay it forward and make a difference in lives of others .  We couldn't be more proud to have Sarah as our August " You Go Girl" 

Please meet Sarah I promise you will love her as much as we do :)  You can also see her beautiful artwork (here)

If you are local to Fort Wayne area and you know a " You Go Girl " than you can nominate her (here).  You can also purchase a "You Go Girl  " shirt like the one below proceeds will go to reach even more women in the community. 

                                   You can purchase your "You Go Girl " shirt (here)

I want to leave you with something Sarah told me yesterday morning.  Leave here get your coffee sit at the park for 10 min and focus on the beauty that God has created .  So often we get so caught up on what is going wrong in this world be thankful for all that is going right . 

                                                     Thank you for stopping by!
                                                     Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting out my Comfort Zone

It feels nice to be comfortable most of the time but there is that part of you that wants to be challenged weather it be in fitness, work or life in general. You know sometimes that perfect comfy flat is good but than there is part of you that wants to reach for those fabulous pair of red pumps that speak before you are even spoke to. 

 I know typically I am a dress kind of girl feminine midi length is my preference.  So when one of my favorite boutiques +Eccentric kristoure  sent me the Black shorts maxi I am not going to lie I was a little intimidated by this look it was totally out of my comfort zone. .  I usually don't wear shorts the truth is I haven't in years aside of a bermuda  all because I just don't like the way my legs look. Now I am working out trying embrace my legs along the way but sometimes it's hard to embrace those things that you feel the most insecure about.   

You know when you get a certain age like I will be 44 next month and I know people say that you are only as old as you feel but even with that thought process I still find myself saying " OK I am in my mid 40's should I even try that?"   So I went totally went out of my comfort zone and went for it.  I was pleasantly surprised with the confidence that was exuded in the photos .  It is easy to get intimidated by social media by images that are portrayed even at this age but you have to remind yourself that much of what you see is not reality and also that those legs that you hate so much there are people who have lost legs would be grateful to have them and than it puts a lot in perspective. 

In my 40's I can certainly say I am much less concerned about others opinions of me but really it's being to hard on myself that is the real problem... but I am working on it. 

               "I found I was more confident when I stopped trying to be someone else’s definition of beautiful and started being my own. "
— Remington Miller 

Dress - (here), Shoes -(sim) Choker-(sim)- Bracelet -(sim)

How about you ladies is it hard for you to try new things and get out of comfort zone?  Are  you  your worst critic? 

Thank you for stopping  by I am always so grateful you took time out of your day !

XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Monday, August 22, 2016

Jumpsuit to the Maximum

Next to dresses I think jumpsuits have to be one of my favorite pieces of clothing and that is because they are so easy it's like one and done.  This jumpsuit is something that grabbed my attention immediately with the vibrant color combo. What I love about this is the hues work perfectly to transition this baby right into the fall. Oh how I  love pieces that can flow in from season to season and even better when you get it at an awesome price.   I picked this up for less than $20 now that is a great price for a piece of fabulous like this.   

The tricky thing with jumpsuits on a pear shape body is the challenge of getting it to fit on the top and the bottom so I opted to size up because this jumpsuit has no stretch and honey this bottom needs some stretch so I am glad I made that decision. :)  

I decided to bring out the yellow in this jumpsuit which I love. I actually didn't notice the yellow so much when I ordered on line so I was pleasantly surprised and it gave it me an excuse to wear these fabulous shoes that were a great find at Tar-Jay a few weeks ago. 

                         Jumpsuit - H&M (here), Bag - Ora Delphine (sim),Shoe- Target (here)

Every super hero needs a cape.. and when you are a Mom than you have earned super hero status so let me wear my cape jacket and make it a little more sophisticated! 

Cape - Target (here), Pumps (here)

There is something about wearing a hat that makes me feel all mysterious . I decided to add my wine colored hat to the mix for a more of a sexy vibe and I need any excuse to wear this hat!

 So are you ladies loving this jumpsuit as much as I am and only $17.99 at H&M . So get it while you can.  Which look do you like the best ?  
         I want to thank you for stopping by my little corner of the Internet it's always my pleasure 

                                                           XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fall Favorites

A little fact that you may not know about me is that fall is actually my favorite season for fashion and for coffee drinks .. yes I am a Pumpkin spice latte kind of girl LOL. I think this time of year takes me  back to those back to school days when I was a child. I loved that time of year more than Christmas I got more clothes yes my fashion obsession started at a very young age. 

 I just seeing the richer hues , the faux leather and sweaters now that's exciting to this Midwest girl. I have already started to make a list for the fall and I wanted to fill you ladies in on what I am crushing on right now and I know it's early after all it's still in the 80's in Indiana but this lady is patiently waiting on the leaves to start falling and my pumpkin spice latte to land at Starbucks.. 

Sweater Vest- Kohl's (here)- a focal piece that is rich in color and the perfect item to throw on with jeans and boots and look fabulous. A go to item for the fall season. 
Trench Coat - Kohl's(here) - this trench is such a classic piece that can be styled so many ways and I love that this jacket has faux leather trim which gives it a little something extra! 
Olive Green Vest - Target (here)- this a great layering piece for those in between temps you could wear over a midi dress with jeans and pumps . The options are endless  
Wine Booties - Kohl's (here)- I had a sim pair of these last year. I just love the color they make such a statement and can be worn with pants and would look super cute with those fall dresses. 
Cape Jacket - Target(here)- I am mildly obsessed with this jacket so much so I feel like I need both colors . This chic jacket would make the most regular jeans look extraordinary . 
Over the Knee Boots- Target (here)- I love these boots and they really look more expensive than $50 . I think these will be added to my boot family very soon. 

       Mock neck Dress - Kohl's (here)- I love a basic piece that fits great . This dress is something that would be a great layering piece under jackets or sweater .
Striped Midi Dress- Just Fab (here)- This chick really digs a midi dress and a midi dress with stripes even better  I love the color combo perfect for fall. 
Denim skirt- New York and Company (here)- I am glad to see that the jean skirt seem to be making such a strong comeback . I used to rock the heck out of jean skirts . I love this maxi style with the buttons it gives me more of sexy modern vibe. 
Scarf- H&M (here) - I love the narrow scarves they look cute tied in a bow or when they are wrapped around to give that choker look and the color combo is perfect for fall and at $10 what a steal.
Hat - H&M(here)- Floppy hats are a must for the fall ,well in my mind .  I love the rich color of this hat and will match with everything fall . I just feel so fashionable when I have a hat on.
Choker- Target (here)- Another trend I am glad to see making a comeback the choker . Oh it takes me back to those days when I thought I was Janet Jackson and weren't  those the days ?I love wearing a choker with the off the shoulder tops that I am so fond of. 
Bag - Target(here)- When the season changes we all need to have a fabulous bag . I love the wine color of course and the fringe it just gives it such a modern look and the good news is I think I could fit all my stuff in that bag! 
Jean Jacket - New York and Company- (here)- now I have jean jackets but I don't have a jacket like this. I am loving the patchwork design another flashback to the 70's and I am ok with that! 

Well how about you Fashionista's what are you obsessing over for the fall months? Do you think you will add any of these trends to your wardrobe? 

I want to thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for more items that I am currently crushing on.

XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Off the Shoulder Girl

There are some trends that work for this 40 something girl and there are some that just don't .  The off the shoulder trend is one that I am currently loving  it highlights  parts of my body I like the most,  my shoulders and collarbone area.  As many of you know I am a dress girl so when I find a fabulous off the shoulder dress than I am in heaven.   

Back in the day I can remember I would have steered far away from the body con trend because I was so self conscience of the my larger hips but in my 40's I really have learned to embrace the things I always disliked about myself.  It's really quite freeing to love your body wherever it is at. It doesn't mean that I am exactly where I want to be .. but loving yourself during the journey is so very important 

Check these fabulous off the shoulder dresses all from +Eccentric kristoure my favorite online boutique.  I just all the unique finds and how I taken out of my comfort zone and pleasantly surprised

The Malisa dress (here) has tribal look which I love and the color combo is one of my favorites. I added a boho type chocker and cognac pumps adding a pop of orange with this fabulous Call it Spring bag. 

                                   Dress (here) , Shoes(here), Bag (sim),Necklace (sim)

The Ristan is bold in color and I just love the the fit and it makes me feel so vibrant and young. I added these yellow sandals and my gorgeous yellow bag. 

                                            Dress (here), Shoes (here), Bag (sim)

The Loretta (here) is a gorgeous maxi dress so if you are aren't about wearing body con dresses than this flowing maxi may be the option for you.  It is effortless glamour and romantic all at the same time!  Yes you need this dress :) 

                                             Dress (here), Shoes (sim), Clutch (sim)

So ladies are you loving the off the the shoulder trend as much as I do?  The good news is you can purchase any of these gorgeous dresses or anything else you love at the fabulous Eccentric Kristoure with additional saving using code CHIRPS .  So happy shopping and let me know what you find! 

                   As always I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by ! 

                                              XOXO Mary aka Curlybyrdie