Monday, September 26, 2016

The Fab 40's in Hats

Well it's that time of the month that I collaborate with the Fab 40's an each of us  create our individual interpretation of a particular theme and this month it would be hats .  I love wearing a hat but because of the size of my hair it can be a challenge so there is alot of trial and error . 

When I took these photos it was considered fall but 80 degrees outside so I wanted to give that fall vibe with the color selection but kept it sleeveless with a light crochet vest because this girl hates being hot... I have discovered that I am really liking the burgundy and navy combo it just seems so modern and chic and perfect for this time of the year 

                 Dress - Jcpenney , Vest The Limited, Necklace - Limited , Hat (old), Shoes- Von Maur


                                                           Veronica - Cid Style Files

I wanted to start with Veronica because it was her turn to pick the theme and she opted for hats . I am loving the olive green dress and adding her black hat and fabulous shoes that gives it a boho vibe which I am fond  of ! Love it 


                                                    Sheela - Sheela Writes

Oh be still my heart I am so loving this look it just brings the artistic drama and that dress is everything with that fabulous hat.. Girl you are killing the game! I am have such outfit envy right now

                                               Samantha - Fake Fabulous

Samantha has talent of layering and pattern mixing and she did not disappoint this month I am loving the tights with the boots and that skirt is perfection . Loving the deeper floral hues perfect for this fall weather  

                                          Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

I always love Jennie's spin on the themes I would have never thought about putting this hat with this skirt which is fabulous by the way. I love how gave it a retro theme and kept it very fun! 

                                                Anne Kremb De La Kremb

Every month I am always excited to see what Anne puts together it always something I would have never thought of like this turban with denim short and sneakers and somehow it works. I love that she is not afraid to take fashion risks . You go girl you have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone next month! 

                                              Janeane -Designing my Closet

Janeane is out guest blogger for the month and I am loving the relaxed but chic vibe she is bringing the muted tones with fabulous floppy hat says I am stylishly casual. 

I would like to thank you for visiting another edition the fab 40's I can't wait to see what the theme will be next month it's always a fun time with these  fabulous fashionista's ! 

                                                            XOXO -Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Favorite Weekly Look for Work

One thing I love to do it plan out what I am going to wear to work .  I mean getting up at the crack of dawn have to have some benefits  and a stylish work look can make it a little bit easier. I work in an office so business casual is what is expected and I like that . Remember the days when you had to wear panty hose to work ?  Everything was just so formal and I like to look nice but I still like to have a little fun with my fashion. 

I asked my social media friends which was their favorite look of the week and the majority vote went to olive green and yellow number.  I was secretly hoping they would select this outfit because it really was my favorite because it was a color combo that I would have never thought to put together back in the day . You know the days before pinterest , instagram and my fashion blog . I can honestly say that I have become bolder with my choices in fashion . I am taking chances and thinking out of the box and at 43 almost 44 it feels pretty darn good. I wear what I like it's as simple as that : ) 

When I first laid my eyes on this this vest at +Forever 21  I knew I had to have it . Yes I said Forever 21 and yes I in my 40's and love me some Forever 21 . I can get the latest trends without investing alot of money.  Just in  case you can't tell I have a slight obsession for vests. I mean they are that perfect layering piece for the fall. I love to wear with midi dresses , jeans , skirts . They are the perfect completer piece to a look they can take an ordinary look to extraordinary very easily.  

I styled this with an olive green midi dress that I got off the +Target off the clearance rack . The mock neck midi happens to be one of my favorite pieces . It is the perfect foundation for different looks and when you get it for $14 that makes it even better .  So I have styled it with the vest but some additional looks to show you how I expand my closet .  Shall we get started ? 

                            Dress - (sim) (plus), Vest (sim) (plus sim), Shoes (sim),Bag (here) 

                                                 Night out on the town 

This olive green dress is figure flattering and makes for a sexy look when you step out of the town. I love adding animal print to the mix adding even more sexiness and finishing the look with a olive green bomber that I picked up for +Nyc Retailer  for $29 on one of there weekend deals . 


                        This is the photo that my sister told me to look mean for a high fashion look now I                                      know I captured the mean look not sure about the high fashion ..LOL 

                                                      Jacket (here)(plus sim), Shoes (sim)

I have to give my sister Erin special thanks for taking my photos love her creative mind and love the fact I can act like a fool with her and have a little fun and she gets me out of my comfort zone. We even had some help from my niece Maddie ! Check her out with our new friend 

So what do you think are you sold on the whole olive and mustard combo as much as I am?  What pieces do you see yourself wearing over and over again this fall ? 

       As always I want to thank you for stopping by it's always a pleasure . Have a wonderful week !

                                                         XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Easy Breezy Boho!

I am finding out that I am really digging the whole boho trend. I believe it is where I am in my life right now . I want something that is  easy breezy but still feel like the fashionista in the know. 

I am obsessed with the deeper hues for the fall weather that is just around the corner. What I  love about this dress it possesses the fall feel with the darker greens and browns but is still sleeveless which is perfect for the month of September. This dress says.. " Ok Fall I see you but you are not quite here yet"  When the temps get cooler I can totally see me throwing on a jean jacket or a long duster would look great without compromising the style of the dress! 

I wanted to show the versatility of this gorgeous dress because ladies we all need options. 

  By adding a hat or a different bag or even a hairstyle you can change the look easily . 


                             Dress -Jcpenney (here), Shoes -Target (sim), Fringe Bag -Target (here)

              By adding a different belt and hairstyle it changed the look of the dress . It's the little                                                      things that create a entirely different vibe. 

            Are you ladies loving the boho trend as much as I am?  How are you wearing your boho ? 

                   As  always I wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by ! 

                                                               See you soon!
                                                        Mary aka Curlybyrdie

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall Trends -Vest and Boots

I can feel those temps trying to cool down here in Indiana!  It is absolutely my favorite time of the year for fashion . I am sucker for the rich jeweled colors the plaid patterns , tights and boots! Oh I really could go on and than we would be here all day .   There are two trends that I may be mildly obsessed about right now and those  would over the knee boots and long vests.  So why not pair these two loves together and make it even more fun. 

When I wear longer vests with a dress I feel like it gives you more put together look that is perfect for work and adding the over the knee boots adds a chic sexy look without being to over the top.  After all this 40 something is a mama of 2 teenagers  that will most definitely let their mama know when they feel like she is doing to much. LOL . You are not J- LO Mom!  Well thanks for the reminder kids!

This look is perfect to wear to the office and take the vest off add bigger earrings and would also be great for a drink after work or perhaps a dinner date with your honey.  I just love options don't you ? 


                         Dress -The Limited (here), vest -Carson's (here), Boots-Just Fab (here)

                                                             Other Options 

                               Pink- Kohl's  (here),  Colorblock- Kohl's -(here), Olive - Target -(here)

                                                              OTK Boots

                        Rust Boots- Just Fab(here),  Tan Boots - Target (here), Grey Boots -(here)

So how about it my Fashionista friends do you love these trends as much as I do ?  What fall fashions are you obsessing over right now ? 

                  As always I would like to thank you for taking tine out your day to stop by ! 

                                                   XOXO - Mary aka Curlybyrdie 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fab 40's being the Bomb in Bomber Jackets

Here we are my favorite time of the month when I get to collaborate with the " Fab 40's " a group of fly and fashionable international bloggers and seven different interpretations of a particular theme every month . 

Well this month the theme happens to be " Bomber Jackets" . I remember back in the day wanting a bomber jacket I had to be like 15 or 16 and I don't think I ever got one.  I mean my Mom was a single mother to 4 kids so a bomber jacket for me was not her top priority . Well I made up for it with this gorgeous jacket that I picked up at clearance last year from +H&M . Oh how I love the clearance rack at that store I seem to always find something I love there. 

I decided to take this look to the cooler fall months which just so happen to be my favorite times of the year.  Could it be because it's Pumpkin Spice season or maybe because my birthday is in October ? This quilted jacket with shades of navy coral and a rust color just seem to marry so well with this navy midi skirt . I thought I would bring out my Target platform sandals that I scored for $8 to complete this look. I felt like it added a little element of fun all while remaining classy. 

Jacket - H&M(options), Skirt -(sim), Shoes (sim), Bag - (sim options)

Now lets see the other Fab 40's and their take on this trend! 

Grace - Color and Grace

I am so happy to welcome our guest blogger Grace to the " Fab 40's" . I have been a long time admirer of Grace and her gorgeous style. She is girl that embraces color and looks so chic and put together at all times. I love the this jacket and the way she styled it is just amazing with the leather looking skirt and those shoes are so on trend . Love this look.

Samantha - Fake Fabulous

I just love this jacket that Samantha has on and the way she styled casually cute and kept it simple is just darling.  I so admire the way she knows how to perfectly style all colors and patterns and loving those glasses girl . She looks amazing as always 

                                           Sheela - Sheela Writes

What I love about Sheela is that she always brings it and this month is no exception. I am loving the colorful and bold pattern  and those red shoes are to die for... Every month she continues to surprise me with the shoe selection ! Great Look 

                                                      Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

This bomber jacket is beyond beautiful I love how Jennie took a simple shift dress and added this gorgeous jacket to give it a completely different look.  She added a little extra to a basic dress to create a versitle  look that says she is ready for everything. 

Ann - Kremb Da La Kremb

I always look forward to seeing Ann's look I think she has an artistic flair and puts together combos that I would have never thought of . Anne kept it casually cute with  this look she look comfortable but still like a fashionista . She pays attention to details when it comes to her look . 

                                         Veronica - The Cid Style File

Olive green is just one of my favorite colors in every season and this bomber is just perfection for those cooler months.   I love the way that Veronica kept it sassy from the bag to shoes.   I would call this look "Street Chic " 

                                     Diane - Fashion on the Forth Floor

Last but certainly not least is the beautiful Diane . I am always in anticipation when it comes to Diane's style. She always looks perfect the with the pairing of feminine and tomboy chic and does it wonderfully. I love the soft pink skirt paired with the jacket and then top it off with those kicks... Loves it ! 

So there you have it another month with these fabulous ladies in the books! What fun and I certainly can't wait until next month ! 

Thank you for stopping by my Fab Friends